Archives for the month of: February, 2008

I am eternally cold these days

seeking refuge under any safety blanket that smells familiar

the sun sinks down faster than it used to

leaving a trail of beauty behind that teases me to follow

The wind is changing directions

pushing me to retreat to the prison I call home in my heart

The sound of leaves under my feet reminds me of my own fragility

I have a lot to learn from trees, from naked trees

They are vulnerable, but they are healing.

Letting go of the old so they can fully embrace the new.

Trees trust the process or they wouldn’t stand bare before

the world to see and to judge

Trees have hope – Courageous hope.  

A new season is coming,

I can feel it in the air and in my soul.


Speak to me Truth,

reveal your hidden mysteries, but perhaps only a little at at time. 

My skin isn’t as thick as I present.

Though I am a wild animal and will bite if necessary,

I am more prone to retreat.

I will run back to my hidden home, robbing the world of my beauty.

But illuminate my path, dear Truth,

show me my next step and nothing more.

As even the sunrise is gradual at waking the world,

so you, my friend, please proceed with caution.

If you sit still and woo me with your whispers, I will show you  my beautiful colors.

The fullness of your warmth may initially burn, 

but give me time and I will warm to your waters.

And when I least expect it, together we will dance 

to the song of Truth that can only be heard by the free.

If I will let you, you will carry me higher and farther than I can dream. 

You will lead me home.

You will lead me to myself.

You will lead me into the wild.  

Hi. I am LAURA.  Welcome to my Creative Spillage! On my quest for truth and authenticity I usually find myself spilling over onto the world around me.  Here is where you’ll find my trail of  poetry/ramblings/creative spillage. Thanks for taking interest on my journey inward.