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Alright, I really want to do better at this blog thing.  Now that I am officially moved in and have internet, my excuses have run out!  To show you that I really have been busy, here are the pictures of my new room.  It’s truly an artists dream.  Two walls of straight windows!  Love it.  

It’s perfect to display some of the window paintings I’ve accumulated!

The other side of the room.  Yes, go ahead and laugh.  I have NO bookshelves!  My old apartment had built-in shelves so unfortunately, they had to stay behind.  

I’m accepting donations for my bookshelf fund… 🙂


Now, just so you don’t think I’ve been doing ALL work and No Play!  I did buy this beautiful pair of python boots today at the Flea Market! 🙂

And yes, I did 2 paintings today!  They are drying, but as soon as they are done, I’ll put them up for you to see!

Have a good one ya’ll.  


Ya’ll, I am moving.  Needless to say, that means I am living in complete chaos.  All of my things are either tucked away in boxes or lost in the black hole that is the truck of my car.  In the midst of all the mayhem though I have found immense joy in the fact that my contact cars are finally done!!!  I got them in the mail yesterday and have been passing them out to anyone who looks me in the eye. Enjoy!

So here it is.  

The beginnings of my India paintings.  

And I’m stuck.  
I’ve started something and have absolutely no vision about it’s ending.  I usually paint this way, so I don’t know why it’s deciding to bother me now.  It just feels different.  Real different.
When I try to tell people about India, I feel like my words fail me and fall to the ground, dead. There is NO way to describe with random variations of 26 letters something that required ALL of my senses to experience.  I suppose I feel this way about art in general.  Though there are more than 26 color choices and the possibilities are limitless in how I choose to put them together, they still fall short!  
I can’t help but laugh as I wrote this because I feel this way about God too.  Sometimes when I pray I cannot find the words, actions, or anything for that matter that adequately praises God in the way that I know He deserves.  Honoring my experience in India in it’s entirety isn’t going to happen in one capstone painting.  All I can do is hope to tell parts of the story and maybe the entire collection together will point a bit more in the correct direction.  Maybe this is why I feel like I am the closest to praising God as he is worthy of when I am worshipping with people different than myself.  We are all made in his image.  We all reflect certain parts of Him.  Together we represent more of the fullness of who God is.  
I need to take a few days and think about what part of my India trip this particular piece is wanting to express.  If I just focus on telling the truth of that unique event or feeling, then maybe it’ll point to the truth of the bigger God-sized picture that I hope to convey.  

I’ll keep you updated…