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A lot of my friends are giving birth to babies these days.  I, however, am giving birth to paintings.  And yes, I am one proud momma!  I’ve always believed that the creative process is symbolic of pregnancy.  I know it’s crazy, just work with me here.  In both cases, something grows inside of you and then when it chooses, it comes out.  Alright, I’ll shut up now.  It’s after midnight (which is waaaay past my bedtime) and I’ve been inhaling paint fumes for the past eight hours and just drank an Americano.  Let me introduce you to the fruits of my labor…



I struggled long and hard with this painting.  I had a much different vision for it but this is what I ended with.  It embraces all of my thoughts from my encounters with poverty, grace, addiction, and resurrection.  

dsc05224This cute little thing is definitely not little.  One of my larger paintings and I absolutely LOVE the play on textures here.  The paisley print in the background is extremely delicate and antique while the flowers are much more modern and have some rough, harsh edges.  Again, this is the story of my life.  You try coming from two polar opposite parents and this painting may make more sense to you.

dsc05204So I must be in a Picasso-esque blue era.  It seems to be my favorite color as of late.  (no worries, I did not recently loose a best friend to suicide…for those of you art historians)  I am changing lately though.  As a woman. As an artist.  Maybe this is my change.  Something about this painting gives me hope.  And I will take all the hope I can get. 

dsc05196Interesting painting here.  I did it during the Walden Artisan Market.  It’s pretty simple.  Straight forward.  Yet I could spend all afternoon staring at it.  The depth that it has is amazing.  One of my favorites for sure.  

dsc05239This little one is two 24×24 paintings side by side.  I realize that the picture looks like the accents are black, but have no fear, they are only prussian blue (or dark blue for those of you who have not memorized all of goldens colors).  I have no emotional attachment to this painting.  Perhaps because I finished it at around 2:26 in the morning so my mind and eyes had completely glazed over by then.  I will sit with it for a few shows, but if she doesn’t sell or get any attention….I’ll be painting over her.  Ever heard of the quote “Practice Ressurection”?  

dsc05189And last but not least…For those of you that have seen my other art, this one may look familiar to you.  It’s very similar to a commissioned piece I did last month.  There is something about this color palette and composition that just makes my creative mind feel balanced.  It brings me joy.


I have two new paintings that I took some “in progress” pictures of.  Call me crazy, but I think it’s cool to see what something was and how it continued to change.  Alot of times I forget how I started so it’s fun to have these pictures. I also have an aversion to painting in front of people.  Only my nearest and dearest friends and family have seen it.  I’m not self conscious….more easily distracted, maybe.  I’m not really sure about this.  Regardless,  I will be painting live and in the flesh at the Walden Artisan Market this Saturday and Sunday.  I’ll have my finished pieces up on display but I’m bringing my easel and paints and seeing what happens!  










My apartment has officially been taken over by my art.  The explosion has not stayed in my studio but somehow leaked over into the kitchen and living room.  







My bedroom is safe…but I fear not for long!  I’ve been busy like I’ve never been busy before, so some things get set aside…err, cleaning.  I have two art shows coming up.  Having them back to back has caused more chaos than I usually live in.  I can tolerate the mess, only because the end is in the not far future.  No complaining here though.  I’m doing what I love and loving every minute of it!


It’s happening again but this time even bigger!  We have extended the Market from a one day affair to TWO DAYS this January!  Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th.  We’re open for business from 9am-4pm.  It’s really an awesome way to support Nashville’s local artists as well as get some really awesome one of a kind pieces for yourself!

If any of you live in Nashville, you need to make it over to the Frist before January 25th.  More than once has  my experience in the contemporary artists room been a highly spiritual interaction, but this time I felt it change something in my core.  Lalla Essaydi has such courage and bravery as an artist.  I can only dream of being able to communicate with pictures as authentically, creatively, and directly as she does.  Word on the street is that she will be in town for a panel discussion on the 18th.  I will most definitely be attending.  Anyone is welcome to join!





Here is a statement about her art.  It speaks better than I ever will about it. 

“Lalla Essaydi’s photographs deal with a rebellion against the limited domain of the female within Islamic traditions. As noted in Nazar: Photographs from the Arab World (Aperture, 2005), according to Islamic tradition, the street is the domain of men, and women are condemned to live indoors. Behind closed doors, they are nothing more than decoration, suggests Essaydi, a situation she that she vividly represents in Converging Territories, which appeared in the spring 2005 issue of Aperture magazine alongside a text written by Isolde Brielmaier. Essaydi places Islamic women in isolated spaces and literally decorates them with texts written in henna. The texts-a reversal of the silence of their isolation-give the women a voice, with which they can speak to the space and to one another. The rebellious character of the photographs is magnified by the fact that within Islam calligraphy cannot be practiced by women. Converging Territories, #30 was photographed in the house where women and girls from the artist’s family were locked up, sometimes for weeks, when they transgressed the rules of Islam. Essaydi herself was sent to this space as a youth; escorted by silent servants, she would be left alone for up to a month. As Isolde Brielmaier notes, “her intention and introspection are evident in her photographs: we see Essaydi turning ‘space’ into something more than just the delimited enclosures of that house of her childhood.” Brielmaier goes on to say that “at a time when many images in circulation portray Arab people in increasingly negative ways, Essaydi reclaims and reconsiders ideas of what it means to be Arab and female on her own terms.”

I’m in the middle of a dilemma.  Being a self employed artist, any exposure is good exposure right?  Yah not so much in my mind.  I have been offered some wall space in a very high trafficked popular hang out spot in Nashville.  The exposure and potential business it would generate could be very profitable.  The hard part comes in that I feel like I have been lied to, belittled, and underestimated by some of the people in management there.  I don’t need this venue.  I am not comfortable in doing business this way.  I feel that if I were to put my art up, it would be condoning their actions, which I most certainly do not.  However, at what point do I say, screw ya’ll and just go with it.  Am I really taking a stand for my integrity or am I just trying to make a point that no one will get anyway?  I’m really at a loss for words on this one.  I’m overwhelmed and saddened by the whole thing.

I will leave ya’ll with a commissioned painting I did for a woman as a gift to her husband.  He is a recovering addict and recently graduated from seminary.  It was a joy to do this painting for him and it gives me peace when I look at it.  I really believe that art, spirituality, and healing are all linked.  I’m not an artist because I feel like I have some avant-garde fingerprint to leave in the artist world.  I’m an artist because it’s the way that I see and convey truth.  Creating art is my tangible way of feeling close to God.  I heal as I paint.  I learn to love myself as God intended.  I learn to extend grace to others and see beauty in flaws.  Creating art, seeing beauty, and accepting that beauty as an invitation for God’s love is a way of life, not just a hobby or way to increase my savings account.  I’m rambling now.  The painting speaks for itself.  


Not sure what to call it.  Sometimes it looks like birds.  Sometimes flowers.  And other times absolutely nothing at all.  This new form is really fluid though and I like the movement that it adds to the pieces.  






Much earlier this year I went to San Francisco.  Not only did I fall in love with the city but it inspired some new art pieces.  Enjoy!

dsc03872Sunset at the Vineyard  20″x60″  Oil Painting

dsc047651Napa Valley  15″ x 45″  Mixed Media Painting


So I realize I’ve disappeared for six months or so.  After the fire life seemed to abruptly stop and then restarted again with a vengeance.  I’ve resettled (still in Nashville), graduated, and am finally 100% pursuing my art career.  It’s been a roller-coaster of “out with the old and in with the new.”  Change does me good though.  Creatively it never lets me get comfortable.  I hope the Holidays did everyone well.  Onward to 2009!