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I’ve ventured into a new type of painting.  This is the first, but I already have a few more ordered behind it.  They can be personalized with pictures, handwritten letters, or whatever else you can think of!  This one has bible stories from an antique childrens book in it.  Love it!

Here is an upclose picture of the detail.




I saw Slumdog Millionaire. 

Not only is the  movie amazing, but it so accurately depicts everything I love about India.  

There is a a heartbeat pulsing through India that you feel when you are there.    The music in the movie along with a  million other creative insights, made  me feel it again.  Gosh, I could smell it in the theatre.  


I drove around for a couple hours crying and remembering the beautiful faces and feet of the people I met there.  At no surprise to anyone who knows me…I ended up at Sitar enjoying the most delicious Lamb and Naan for dinner.  The people sitting around me looked at me like I was crazy because not only was I eating alone but I was mysteriously smiling and crying all at different times.  Not to mention, I ate with my fingers and not the fork they provided.  

Anyway.  I bought some supplies today for my new Indian inspired paintings.  Though honestly, I can see India in almost all of my paintings.  

 Oh my heart.  Here are a few pictures from my journey to India last year.  















For those of you who know me…I get bored easily.  Too easily, I’m aware it’s  a fault.  However, it inspired some new art tonight.  I have a show in Tuscaloosa this month and have pondered how to best display my artist statement.  Sure the typical white sheet of paper with the bio on it is fun for some, but it puts me to sleep.  Thus, I painted it.  It was well worth sacrificing a few hours of sleep to spend time with this new child of mine…