Call it a coping technique, the truth, or just my own way of denial but I can’t say goodbye at funerals.  Rachels, looming in the future, is the strongest that I’ve ever felt this way.  I’ll see you later is all I can muster in my mind.  Later.  It’s hope.  

My sweet cousin Rachel died on Saturday, 1 week after giving birth to her beautiful daughter Caynah Grace.  Caynah is Scott and Rachels third child.  Aleah is 6.  Bruce is 4.  They thought it was a complication from her birth, but autopsy came back with “severe congenital mitral valve prolapse ” that must have caused an arrhythmia.  It boggles my mind how someone can have 3 children and no doctor ever catch this problem.  Not to mention, she almost died when she was younger and was in the hospital.  Just one of those freak things.  The things that we are all scared of the most.  





Lyle Lovetts Song- “I’m Going To Wait”


Oh My Sister, You’ve gone before me

How I long to be with you.

But through my sorrow, as I remain here

There’s only one thing that I can do


I’m gonna wait, just a little bit longer

I’m gonna pray on bended knee

I’m gonna wait, just a little bit longer

Until my Savior comes for me


I have faith that can move a mountain,

and breater than a mustard see

And if I wait just sa little bit longer

I know my Savior will come for me.


If I die I’ll go to heaven

And my savior I’ll surely sure

But if I wait, just a little bit longer

I know He will come for me.