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I upped the contrast from the other one.  (made the black areas darker…and added more red)  I put this phrase as the title.  “When your Black and White world begins to bleed with color, choose FAITH not fear to push you forward.”  This piece makes me really happy.  I love drawing, and it’s not something I pend much time doing because of the time involved.  Believe it of not, I can make my large paintings in half of the time it takes me to do a small drawing.  I gain so much satisfaction from my drawings though.  In fact, I’ve started incorporating them into paintings.  I may mount this drawing on a canvas and paint around it.  I’m not sure yet.


This is another new painting.  The lady is a drawing from my art school days seven years ago.



It never ceases to amaze me how God provides what I need, exactly when I need it.  This is my first calendar year of Creative Spillage being a registered business.  Because of this, I’ve been learning new things about taxes and what not that I’ve never had to think about before.  For instance, I have to file my sales and use tax monthly.  Well it’s taken me five months to understand the form, so yesterday I finally caught myself up for the entire year.  Paying five months of taxes at once is not recommended, and not something that I could have done without jeopardizing rent at the end of the month.  I wrote the check anyway, having the hope that money will come in somehow by the end of the month; be it by selling another painting, contracting a commission, or more people signing up for my class.  Literally within thirty minutes of putting the check in the mail, I received an email from someone telling me a check was in the mail for a contract we had, and another friend called because she wanted to drop off money that day for a class of mine.  Not only did I make my tax money back, but three fold.  Thank you Lord!  He always provides for me, when I need it, and not usually a second more.  I am trying my hardest in being faithful in the small things so God will trust me with the larger things later.  Financially speaking, I really crave to be responsible.  Not only with my own, but in the giving away of money and other things.  It’s not mine.  Nothing is mine really.  It’s all temporary.

I’ve been busy lately with art fairs and Creative Spillage workshops.  I’ll post more updates soon! I promise to do better at this for you faithful few out there…