Some of my most exciting news yet is a new series of paintings I am working on.  I have always longed to be an artist that could paint messy social justice issues but in a beautiful way.  Because I believe art is an invitation to see to the world differently and then hopefully a motivator to act upon those new revelations, I have never been more excited for a series.  Recently I watched a documentary titled Beyond Belief.  It is a story of two widows from the September 11th attacks who started an organization called Beyond the 11th that provides widows in Afghanistan with chickens and incubators so they can provide for their own family.  One woman in the documentary named Zainab Wahidi said that having a husband was like having shade and she and her children had now lost theirs.  Having recently watched this same pain happen in my own family, I was overwhelmed by the visual image that Zainab shared.  It has since spawned a new series of paintings that will be completed for their first cohesive show in January 2010.  I am honored to be speaking with Susan Retik, founder of Beyond the 11th and Beth Murphy, director of Beyond Belief in hopes to partner with them in efforts to raise more funds for the Afghani widows. I’ll leave you with two of the newest paintings.  Much more to come!