You’ve probably seen these signs around town.  Typically they are attached to Community Centers, YMCA’s, and even grocery stores.  They tell children that if they are lost, scared, or trying to escape harm..they can find shelter here.

It got me thinking of my safe places.  Those places, people, or things that when I am in their presence, hover over me with an umbrella of safety.  Those time where I feel at home, where my internal critic isn’t welcome, and I feel free to be 100% myself.

Here are my safe places:

When I’m alone in my studio

In the arms of my sexy Spanish husband.

Conversations with my Truth Teller, Suzanne.

Laughing, Painting, & Healing with the women in my Workshops

End of the day phone calls with my Momma.

Loving on and being a kid with my God-daughters.

What are your safe places?