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Because of some scheduling conflicts, I’ve had to move our first Women, Wine, & Pinterest Party to Wednesday February 8th from 7-9pm!  Some of you expressed an interest in coming but couldn’t make tonights class.  I have a couple of spots left, so let me know if you can make it next week!

Click Here for All of the other Details!

I’m so excited to create with all you wonderful ladies!


Forgive my absence.  At the start of last week, my schedule was wide open.  Five glorious days to make whatever I wanted them to be.  I was excited and looking forward to the adventure, though it was wishful thinking.  I should have learned my lesson by now. This was too much freedom for me.  By the end of the week, I don’t think I accomplished anything…obviously not blogging.

I thrive in routine.  There is something about the stress of making everything fit into a week that actually makes me more productive.  I find myself not only managing to get everything accomplished with my business, but I stay on top of cleaning and cooking at the house, find time to exercise, and to have a quiet time.

When I know my time is limited, I use it better.  

Slap in the face.

Why have I not understood this lesson when it comes to our physical and spiritual lives?  My time on earth is indeed limited.  I’ve been heavily convicted this week that idle hands lead me to laziness and selfishness.

 How about you?

Are you productive in or out of routine?

(picture above: artist Amy Reel)

If you are around the Belmont Area, stop into the Leu Center for the Visual Arts.  I have three pieces up for display in a collaborative show themed around Wealth and Poverty.  The show is up now and runs through February 24th.  We will have an artists reception on Thursday February 16th at 4:00.

Wealth and poverty are polar opposites.  One exists because the other does also.  We all have a relentless tug-of-war between these opposing forces in our spirits, minds, and bodies.  These paintings are the stories of myself and others as we learn to no longer fight this tension, but rather ebb and flow with it.

Here we find a place of beauty, a development of character, a depth of knowledge, a source of wisdom, and a garden of gratitude.

It’s here where I choose to live,

holding the hands of my neighbors

as we sway in a communal dance of praise

to the One who gives and takes away both wealth and poverty.

“Make sure you are inspiring people, not giving them another distraction.”

– Donald Miller.


I said yesterday that actions speak louder than words.

I said that we need to use our words to clean up the messes our emotions make.

I beg of you to watch this and encourage your emotions to lead you in response.

This will take days for me to gather the right words to process.


I am trying get a screening of this in Nashville when it comes out this year.  If you have any connections or desire to help me with this, please let me know.

Between my 4 god children,  my 45 friends who have 2.5 kids each, and volunteering in the preschool at my church, I continually find myself surrounded by toddlers. I tell them to “use their words” as an attempt to thwart their  over-dramatic emotional outbursts.  It never works.  Uncensored action often thinks quicker than rational thought.

I was recently in a situation where I understood the plight of the toddler.  My instinct was to burst out in tears and maybe even let out a few good grunts.  It was uncontrollable even in my best attempt.  I had no time to stop, think rationally, and then come up with the words that would best relay the way I was currently feeling.  The tears started and I excused myself as not to blanket the room in awkwardness.

Actions are great at showing our emotion of the moment, but it takes words to make sense of the messes they leave behind.  I have made it the purpose of Creative Spillage to communicate to others that it’s okay to make a mess.  If I believe this in art, and in life, then I must also believe it with our emotions.  Not everything can be explained, some things just have to be experienced.

So yell, scream, cry, and make a mess if you feel like it.  Just be prepared to use your words to clean up afterwards.

Our first Women, Wine, & Pinterest Project is going to be these LOVELY Vintage Postcard Calenders from Design Sponge!

How fun will it be to watch your life unfold over the years!

Here are the details:

When:  Tuesday January 31st, 7p-9p

Where:  Creative Spillage Studio – 1201 Villa Place Suite 201 Nashville, TN 37212

Who:  I only have enough supplies for 10 women!!

What to bring:  I will supply the fruit basket, date stamper, ink pads, index cards, and some hemp twine to tie them up!  You need to bring your own post cards.  This is where you can add your own personality.  Ideally, these are 3×5 in size.  Any wider will not fit.  They could be vintage postcards found at an antique shop, or you could laminate your favorite photographs!  This part is up to you!  If you have trouble, or would like me to grab some extra postcards for you, just let me know. (and of course , bring your favorite wine and snacks!)

How much:  $20.  You can pay with cash/credit/or check the day of.

RSVP:  Reserve your spot ASAP!  I would love to have more than 10 women but will need to make sure I can order supplies in time.  RSVP by leaving a comment here or emailing me:

I had something to post today but it no longer seems appropriate.

Sometime the wind changes and we must be willing to go with it.

I’m devoting today to figuring out how to get my day-dreams out of my head and into the real story of my life.

This piece of artwork by Sabrina Ward Harrison describes best where my heart is today.

If you are ever in need of creative inspiration, Sabrina has a line of books that will rock your world.  Brave on the Rocks and Messy Thrilling Life are a few of my favorites…

Alright ladies.  Many of you have been asking about the pinterest parties I hinted too before Christmas.  Well it’s true, they are starting the end of this month!

You are cordially invited to:

I’m working on our first project.  I will announce it next week, because I need to make sure I can make it myself!  (what a novel concept, huh!) I have a pretty fantastic idea though. I’ll post more details soon, but go ahead and mark your calenders!

Who know this whole Pinterest thing would be so inspiring?!  I Love it!

Look through some of my Pins here!

Also, I’d love some feedback from you in order to make this successful! Please leave a quick comment or shoot me an email.  Thanks!  I look forward to Pinteresting with you!

What day of the week would you want to have a Pinterest Party?

What time is best for you?

Would you rather bring your own supplies or have them provided?


A few months ago I wrote a post titled Selling My Secrets.  If you remember, I was writing my journal and then cutting out various shapes to add into my paintings.  There is something freeing is putting your secrets on display for the world.

Well I realized that I have not shared with you the paintings these secrets turned out to be!  Forgive me for the delay but here they are!

“Winter” 30×30 Acrylic, Paper, Oil Pastel on Canvas. $400

“Autumn Harvest” 30×30 Acrylic, Paper, Oil Pastel on Canvas. $400

“Wildflowers” SOLD

‘Evening Wind” 16×16  Acrylic, Paper, Oil Pastel on Canvas. $125