Forgive my absence.  At the start of last week, my schedule was wide open.  Five glorious days to make whatever I wanted them to be.  I was excited and looking forward to the adventure, though it was wishful thinking.  I should have learned my lesson by now. This was too much freedom for me.  By the end of the week, I don’t think I accomplished anything…obviously not blogging.

I thrive in routine.  There is something about the stress of making everything fit into a week that actually makes me more productive.  I find myself not only managing to get everything accomplished with my business, but I stay on top of cleaning and cooking at the house, find time to exercise, and to have a quiet time.

When I know my time is limited, I use it better.  

Slap in the face.

Why have I not understood this lesson when it comes to our physical and spiritual lives?  My time on earth is indeed limited.  I’ve been heavily convicted this week that idle hands lead me to laziness and selfishness.

 How about you?

Are you productive in or out of routine?

(picture above: artist Amy Reel)