I’ve been reading through my old journals and found something special from January 26, 2008.

It’s titled: My Ideal Imaginary Day

  • Wake up for work @ 6:30-7a
  • Wear whatever I want
  • Go to an aesthetically beautiful place, a studio with lots of land, or even a studio in the attic of an old house downtown
  • No one greets me at work. It’s just me.
  • Work day begins around 9.
  • Working for myself.
  • I work with my hands.  Paint, paper, pens, and pencils.
  • I have no boss.
  • Bulk of my day is spent creating, alone, reflecting, and then giving back.
  • I have lunch @ little cafe’s where the people know my name and my order.
  • I make enough to live and enough to give a lot away.

My jaw is laying on the floor!!  No wonder I have had such a hard time finding my passion again.  I AM LIVING IT.  I have spent at least the last four years dreaming of the exact life I lead now.  It was just two weeks after I wrote this, on February 11th, 2008,  that I officially started Creative Spillage.

Want to know a secret?  It doesn’t feel like I thought it would. I have arrived at my dream only to find it’s not my dream any longer.  Yes, this is a part of it and a necessary place for me to pass through, but I am ready to dream about my next Ideal Imaginary Day.

What is your Ideal Imaginary Day?