It’s been two years of website chaos for me.  My knowledge of website design and coding wasn’t growing as fast as Creative Spillage was.  It’s left me with three websites and no consistency.

Today is the day for that to change.  

Creative Spillage is officially moving to

So change your bookmarks and meet me over there for all things creativity, art, faith, and healing.  I’d love for you to Introduce Yourself here so I get a chance to get to know you better also.  If you were subscribed by email, unfortunately you will have to redo this.

I’m still fleshing some of the details and content out, but it will fill in over the next couple of weeks.  If you run into any quirks, feel free to let me know!  I’ve triple checked things but tend to miss those obvious,right in front of your nose, type of mistakes.  Thanks for putting up with my mess!