Hi.  I’m Laura Amstutz Weibezahn.

New Studio @ Edgehill Village opening January 2012!

1201 Villa Place Suite 201  Nashville, TN 37212

Email Me:  laura@creativespillage.com

Call Me:  317.432.1751

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The journey for truth and authenticity is a messy one. I often find myself spilling over the edges onto the world around me. Sometimes it happens with a paintbrush, sometimes with a camera, sometimes in frenzied poetic ramblings. Some call it a mess. Others call it art. I call it my Creative Spillage.

Never afraid to make a mess, LAURA Amstutz Weibezahn spills her soul on canvas from her East Nashville studio, relying on relationships, travels, and personal struggles as inspiration for her visual art. LAURA’s deep love for color and texture are immediately apparent in her work. Want to touch? Go ahead—LAURA recognizes that art should be experienced on more than a visual level, for beauty is found even in the most insignificant of textures. Focus with all your senses; she does.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Ministry from Belmont University propping up her easel, LAURA has blended together her love for people with her love of art for her most recent project: creativity classes for women. LAURA teaches all women entering the workshop that they are each creative geniuses simply because they are the work of The Great Creator. Messes aren’t only allowed; they’re encouraged: sometimes the most beauty emerges from the biggest mess, LAURA explains. Creative messes stimulate the workshop experience, building community and allowing each participant to experience the world—without expectations, without rules—through each others’ spilled creations.

If she’s not painting, you might find LAURA frequenting local coffee shops in paint splattered clothes and cowboy boots. Painting since the age of five, LAURA doesn’t make art; she lives it.