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On Monday, July 21st, our apartment building caught on fire.  Rather than tell the story, I’ll just show you…


The outside of the left stairwell. The fire started at the bottom apartment that is boarded up.

This is the apartment where the fire started.  Someone lit incense and it accidentally caught a chair on fire when he wasn’t looking.  He came back into the room and tried to move the chair out of the apartment into the courtyard. 

Once he got the chair to this stairwell the fire spread to the upper floors.  He was trapped and had to go back into his apartment and out a window. 

The people on the third floor opened the door of the stairway to try to get out and the oxygen pulled the fire into their apartment.  They got out through the back stairwell.  No one was injured seriously.  One has minor burns but we did loose 2 cats.

I have no words.  Things are a mess.  I’m trying to find a place to live.  Our side of the building just had some water and smoke damage but nothing compared to this side of the building.  We are blessed that no lives were lost.



Grandma’s funeral was today.  That’s all I have the words for now, I’m too tired. 

Here’s a picture of my parents and I.  I’ll write more later. Night.